History of Silver
The New Silver Solution

History of Silver

 The History of Silver 

How Long has Silver Been used for?

 Silver has been used for thousands of years medicinally, and has been proven itself as enormously deadly against pathogens...


Even since the days before Christ, silver has been used medicinally to fight disease. For a very long time, silver was the number one antimicrobial tool used by doctors. In fact, in the year 69 B.C. silver nitrate was written about extensively in the contemporary  pharmacopoeia.

At the turn of the century, silver was used extensively, and was a proven and accepted microbe killer. Colloidal silver was in fact the main tool that doctors used in treating infectious diseases. Up until 1938, over 650 fungi, yeast, viruses and bacteria were considered treatable with colloidal silver.

At the height of its use, from 1900 - 1939, there were over 96 different colloidal silver formulations in use. This was documented extensively by the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry belonging to the American Medical Association, with many of the formulations being administered intravenously.

During this period, many physicians of note used silver nitrate extensively for all manner of pathologies and acute bacterial infections. Wound dressings were liberally infused with silver nitrate before application, with boils and internal infections being injected at the site of infection with this solution. Even to this day silver is used to treat gonorrheal ophthalmia, with the technique being pioneered back in 1881 by Carl Crede.

Unfortunately, the use of  colloidal silver fell dramatically when in 1942 the U.S government purchased the rights to patent the now well known penicillin. However, Zhao and Stevens have recently stated for the record that "With the rise of antibiotic - resistant bacteria, silver is re - emerging as a modern medicine because all pathogenic organisms have failed to develop an immunity to it (silver ion)."

Luckily for us, technology today has the ability to render less silver more potent then ever historically thought possible. The result is an enormous increase of the Therapeutic Index, resulting in unprecedented safety, efficacy and the possible applications in which colloid solutions such as The New Silver Solution┬« can be used.












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