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Recent research into silver colloidal technology has resulted in the formulation of a new Colloidal Silver Solution, which meets all of the requirements of modern science. This silver can be used daily to ensure protection for you and your family against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, mold and botulinum. It has also been found to accelerate wound healing, and has been found safe enough to ingest every day, whilst being powerful enough to destroy many pathogens that we commonly face.

This unique New Colloidal Silver Supplement has advanced the industry so far that it was granted its own patent in November of 2006. It's interesting to note that no other silver has been given a patent since the date of 1924. The US patent office demands such exacting requirements on new products that a patent will only be awarded if a new technology can be demonstrably proven with sufficient proof so as to justify the claims in question.

Only recently have researchers began to cognize via what mechanism that the Silver Sol particles work and achieved such a high level of efficacy within the human body. Recent clinical studies have shown that the nano silver particles created by the unique manufacturing process have an ability not shared with any other silver product - to actually enter the red blood cell. As these particles are so small and have a unique electrical and chemical signature, they have the ability to kill the viral material within the cellular structure itself.

The outside shell of each silver ion works via the mechanism of attempting to re-balance itself by sourcing electrons from electron donors. It just so happens that pathogenic stressors within the body all share one thing in common - they tend to be electron donors. As a result, upon contact with a pathogen, their thin cellular wall explodes as a rapid exchange of electrons takes place. Subsequent to this, the bacteria, virus or mold in question can no longer function, and degrades quickly and is thus rendered harmless.

Healthy tissue within the body has cells composed of thicker cell walls, also having a balanced charge. This affords native tissue of the human body to be completely spared from the ionically charged silver particles - whilst still brining certain doom to diseased tissue upon contact. This is why this Silver Solution also spares the beneficial bacteria within the gut.

Recent research has shown that this new technology Silver Solution destroys pathogens via another method as well. Besides physically puncturing the cellular structure itself, it has also been found that this silver vibrates between 890 - 910 terahertz. This just happens to be identical to the frequency at which the germicidal ultraviolet light resonates.

 Unlike many of its peers, the The New Silver Solution┬« has undergone much scientific testing, both in clinical and hospital settings. This  colloidal silver preparation has also gone through the rigors of independent lab analysis regarding its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent. Below are two examples of this silver's ability to do what it says. These studies were carried out at the Brigham Young University by their Microbiology department, and had the following to report:

  • All silver solutions, regardless of being ionic, colloidal, nano and so on, have a bio-availability measure within the human body. This range has been found to be anywhere between 15% - 70% for silver preparations. The lab found that The New Silver Solution┬« was over 99% - unprecedented with silver solutions! This effectively means that tissue penetration is much deeper, facilitating a greater 'mopping up' effect. This allows up to 6 times less silver to be consumed than other preparations available.  
  • This lab also tested this silver solution's anti-pathogenic ability against five classes of antibiotics. The bacteria involved within the test were E. aerogenes, S. typhimunium, S. gordonii, E. coli, E. doacae, P. aeruginosa and S. aureus. The results found that the silver sol "was able to kill each bacteria tested. Not one of the antibiotics tested worked equally as well on every bacterial strain that it was tested against."  

 With anything, the proof is "always in the pudding." To date, more than 5 million bottles of silver health products have been purchased from individuals around the world. As of yet, there has been no negative feedback - only masses of positive testimonials! Unlike conventional silver preparations, the silver sol doesn't contain silver salts, and is eliminated completely from the body within 24 hours.

So, from a total sales volume of more than five million silver products around the globe, there has not been any reported cases of negative experiences or examples of argyria - this should more than demonstrate that this product is here to stay! 












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