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What you really need to ask is just how safe are other colloidal silver solutions... 

Research shows that the Silver Sol is among the most powerful and effective silver products within the marketplace today.


The New Silver Solution® - How Safe is it? 

In a nutshell, this colloidal silver formulation is the safest on the market. How can we be so sure, you may well ask? Well, we have had our silver solution thoroughly tested. In addition to the scientific evidence required for the granting of a patent, substances that are to be ingested must also receive the approval of the EPA - and this includes a toxicity rating. Legislation requires that the EPA be notified if chemical spillage occurs, and the system works via a sliding scale. The more toxic a chemical, the less is required to spill before notification is required.

We can illustrate this more effectively if we use the chemical chlorine. This is often used within our municipal water supplies, and is quite toxic in its pure state. If any more than 2 gallons is accidently spilled, law requires a full report to be made to the EPA.The New Silver Solution® on the other hand has such a low toxicity rating that the EPA only requires notification if more than 12,500,000 gallons are spilled!

 It's just not fair to compare our colloidal silver solution to any other out there currently. This has been the only silver product of it's kind to be granted a patent in over 80 years, and its creators still hold a number of pending patents currently under revision by the FDA. This unique and enormously powerful silver has no side effects, has been thoroughly tested, and has been in worldwide use for a considerable period of time.


 Is There Scientific Testing Behind This Product?

Unlike many of its peers, The New Silver Solution® has undergone much scientific testing, both in clinical and also hospital settings. This  colloidal silver formulation has also gone through the rigors of independent lab analysis regarding its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent. Below are two examples of this  colloidal silver's ability to do what it says. These studies were carried out at the Brigham Young University by their Microbiology department, and had the following to report:

  • All  colloidal silver solutions, regardless of being ionic, colloidal, nano and so on, have a bio-availability measure within the human body. This range has been found to be anywhere between 15% - 70% for silver preparations. The lab found that The New Silver Solution®  was over 99% - unprecedented with  colloidal silver solutions! This effectively means that tissue penetration in much deeper, facilitating a greater 'mopping up' effect. This also allows up to 6 times less silver to be consumed than other varieties available.(1) 
  • This lab also tested this silver solution's anti-pathogenic ability against five classes of antibiotics. The bacteria involved within the test were E. aerogenes, S. typhimunium, S. gordonii, E. coli, E. doacae, P. aeruginosa and S. aureus. The results found that the silver sol "was able to kill each bacteria tested. Not one of the antibiotics tested worked equally as well on every bacterial strain that it was tested against."(2) 


What About Argyria - Will I turn Blue?

The short answer is a categorical NO! Unfortunately, whenever colloidal silver is mentioned, the condition called Argyria is rarely far behind. This is mainly a cosmetic condition that gives the skin a bluish appearance, and is a result of consuming usually copious quantities of colloidal silver salts.

Though rarely mentioned by authorities, in ALL cases of Argyria, the individuals in question were found to be consuming colloidal silver mixtures well in excess of 100 ppm, and in some instances over 1000 ppm! More often than not they were manufacturing their own colloidal silver preparation with the water being ordinary tap water. This in itself is a big no no, as the minerals within the water precipitate immediately into silver salts. As these salts are large in size, and in fact a precipitate, and not a colloid - they settle just below the dermal layer of the skin.

The New Silver Solution® differs from its lesser counterparts in many ways. For example, the silver Sol works effectively with concentrations between 5 and 30ppm.(4) The EPA has indicated that "there is no known risk associated for an average adult to consume up to 7 teaspoons daily of 10 ppm for 70 years when manufactured using the appropriate technology."

A substantial amount of research has been performed regarding the safety of this silver solution. This is easy to qualify, as prominent individuals have published studies, such as the pre eminent Roger J. Altman, Ph.D., and Dr. Ron Leavitt from the NAMSA. Dr. Altman himself ingested many times the suggested dose for almost 6 months and concluded that the silver "seems to be purged by the body via urine in roughly the same rate at which it is ingested."(5)


Can I Read Further About t he New Silver Solution®

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With anything, the proof is "always in the pudding." To date, more than 5 million bottles of silver health products have been purchased from individuals around the world. As of yet, there has been no negative feedback - only masses of positive testimonials! Unlike conventional silver preparations, the silver sol doesn't contain silver salts, and is eliminated completely from the body within 24 hours.

So, from a total sales volume of more than five million  colloidal silver products around the globe, there have not been any reported cases of negative experiences or examples of argyria - this should more than demonstrate that this product is here to stay! 












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