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Is there Real Evidence that this silver works?

Unlike virtually ALL other colloidal silver products out there, our Silver Sol is backed by hard scientific evidence...


Studies that Matter

The New Silver Solution┬« is backed by a number of reputable studies that remove any contention as to the efficacy of this amazing new silver product! There is no other silver product that currently exists that can do what Silver Sol does - it is without peer. It is the only product of its kind to be granted a patent for its advances in silver technology in 80 years, and has been shown to be non toxic, has been lab and hospital tested, has a world wide following and contains no preservatives or stabilzing chemicals. When a product comes along that is completely natural and safe, yet will entirely wipe out any strain of deadly bacteria - we need to sit up and listen!                                                                           

A unique study found within the Journal of Nanotechnology explores the physiologicalJournal benefits of silver nano technology within the human body. This medical study is the first of its kind, and focuses more on this products ability to effectively deal with viral influences. There are very few medications currently that work on viruses, and it has been found that the nanoparticles within the Silver Sol solution have the ability to enter the red blood cell itself and kill viruses at their source!

One of America's most prominent physical scientists, Dr Rustum Roy, PHD has stated "...When used as an adjunct with a conventional antibiotic, the Silver Solution provides synergistic qualities, thus extending the efficacy and overall life of many of antibiotics by a factor of ten"...

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